The time has come and this is the last episode of the Balls On A Tray Podcast.

Tony and Simon are joined by Kat! and Jonny to chat about things current and historic and Producer John chimes in too.

  • Kat! Had food nostalgia and as a result bought cinnamon chewing gum, Quince Jam and Rum Babas – she then realised they didn’t tase like she remembered them!
  • Tony advised us that white chocolate is ‘the idiot’s chocolate’
  • Kat! is playing Slime Rancher and reckons it’s kind of somewhere between StarDew Valley and Minecraft – not perfect but still fun
  • Jonny has dived into PUBG and says it’s easily the best Battle Royale shooter in his opinion, simply due to the depth of the game
  • Simon has been CoD’ing and likes the updates that have been made to Blackout
  • Jonny also went back to Hitman 2 and still thinks it’s great – opinions were divided upon this though!

I could hardly believe it
When I heard the news today
I had to guest and get it straight from you
Tony said you were ending
Someone’s swept our balls away
From the look upon John’s face, I see it’s true

Si, tell me the last answer
Tell me ‘bout the quiz you’re makin’
Then insult Chris once more before I go

Tell us how are we supposed to live without you
Now that we’ve been listening so long
How are we supposed to game without you
How are we supposed to carry on
When all that podcast listening is gone