Tony and Simon welcome Chris back to the podcast and then Producer John started talking… Apart from that Ice-Cream smoothies, building fire alarms, Nutri-bullets, Warframe, Minecraft Tetris 99 and Anthem…..

  • Simon has corrupted his Nutri-bullet by making ice cream smoothies with Parma Violets (??!)
  • Chris has been playing Warframe and even though it’s very DEEP, with a little bit of coaching he found it very enjoyable
  • Chris has also been back into the world of Minecraft with our friend Kat!
  • Producer John has been playing Anthem and had A LOT of things to say about the bad and good bits
  • Tony has spent some time with Tetris 99 – the Tetris Battle Royale! It’s a real thing apparently and there’s strategy to playing it!
  • Simon had a few rounds of Gang Beasts with friends and it’s more fun than you’d think.
  • We got some questions from Twitter:Questions From Twitter:

    How was Chris’ cake? Apparently very good!

    Does Simon wish he could enjoy Simon’s Game instead of hosting it? Yes, sometimes he does, but he’d probably be very, VERY good at it!