Due to a crashed phone and the loss of two-factor authentication, there is no guest this week so Tony and Simon welcome Producer John to the discussions…. So, snow, Paul Ross posters, Anthem, Apex Legends and VR Tetris all get the BOAT treatment this episode!

  • Simon and Tony discuss the snow – Producer John didn’t have any
  • Tony assessed some graduates in hotel room…
  • Producer John took an exam…
  • Tony got some weird recommendations from Amazon
  • Producer John gives us his views on Anthem – based on the Alpha and VIP demo’s he played – he really liked it, for the most part, but fears he may be LFG!
    • Tony has a slightly differing view and apparently quite a few people the team know have cancelled their pre-orders based on the Demo content… oh dear.
  • Tony played the Division 2 beta and doesn’t think it’s bringing anything new to the table and the bad guys are STILL bullet sponges which jars in the context of the real world setting.
  • Tony ALSO played the Tetris Effect VR game demo and found it more fun than he thought, but still not worth the £35 retail price or even the £22.50 discounted price
  • Both Tony and Simon gave Apex Legends a go and perhaps there IS a space in the market for this FREE battle royale game as it approaches things a little differently from the big ones out there at the moment.