They’re back! Tony and Simon are joined by Victor and run the gamut of topical topics and gaming antics including:-

  • Beards – Tony and Victor can’t grow now and Victor has SERIOUS beard envy over Black Lighting.
  • Koreans do birthdays differently .. “In Korea, everyone is 1 from the time they are born. And everyone gets a year older on New Year’s day.”
  • Simon finally got around to playing Journey and thought it was a lovely experience with a very unexpected emotional element. The team agreed that Journey along with Alone and other similar games have a special place…
  • Simon also got into the Resident Evil 2 Remake(?) and thinks it’s still the best of the series. Victor just wants more guns and ammo though… lots more!!
  • Victor likes to have his own hip-hop soundtrack going on in the background when he’s gaming because all game soundtracks are boring (That may be a slight mis-quote!!! – Prod. John)
  • Victor has been spending some time in the endless runner “Race to the Sun” and finally joined in with Red Dead Redemption 2 – he’s been watching the horses.. a lot!
  • Tony tried the Online mode for RDR2 but he felt there wasn’t a lot there.. perhaps the measure against GTA Online is too much
  • In non-gaming news.. Ghanaian’s have names based on the day of the week that you were born!

    The Akan people use the Kwa language group’s system of timekeeping, which is based on a six-day week (‘nnanson‘), with the seventh day inclusive. In Ashanti homes, Sunday-born males and females are named Kwasi or Kwesi and Akosua respectively (meaning ‘associated with the universe’); Monday-born are Kwadwo or Kojo, Adjoa or Adwoa (meaning ‘associated with peace’); Tuesday-born are Kwabena or Kobi, Abena (meaning ‘associated with the ocean’); Wednesday-born Kwaku or Kweku, Akua (meaning ‘associated with spider/Ananse’); Thursday-born Yaw, Yaa ( meaning ‘associated with the earth’); Friday-born Kofi, Afia or Afua (meaning ‘associated with fertility’); and Saturday-born Kwame, Ama (meaning ‘associated with God’).

    Fanti boys and girls, on the other hand, are given the day names: Monday – Cudjoe, Kojo, Quajo, Adjoa, Ajuba, Juba; Tuesday – Quabena, Abena, Bena; Wednesday – Quaco, Aqua, Acooba, Cooba; Thursday – Quaw, Aba, Yaaba; Friday – Cuffy, Afiba, Fiba; Saturday – Quame, Quamina, Ama; and Sunday – Quashie, Quasheba.