It’s a new year, pretty much like the old one so far so who are we to break with tradition! Tony and Simon welcome Kat! and chat about Christmas, being metaphorically ‘blue shelled’ in game, PS-VR, Switch and cheese filled sausages… yes WE’RE BACK!

  • Simon has been suffering but is powering through the sickness – even getting to the gym!
  • Kat! enjoyed a cheesy sausage squirting in her mouth…
  • Christmas gifts for gamers can be well intended but hit VERY wide of the mark!
  • Simon wonder about the technicalities of “Dry January”
  • Kat! got a switch for Christmas and almost had a crisis with stars
  • Tony got a bit frustrated with the end of Super Mario World – Simon found the whole game a bit.. off
  • Tony has a PS-VR v2 and reckons it’s pretty good – at some things. He liked Astrobots but the Stranger Things Experience is not one he’d repeat!
  • Kat! got into Pokemon – apparently she’s a Pokemon Goddess!