Tony and Simon are joined by Jonny Cox this episode and – as seems to be usual – things get a little deep and meaningful! Luckily there is always a way back to the superficial and we can be guaranteed to bring it!

  • Retirement – what would you do if you didn’t HAVE to work?
  • Simon WAS enjoying CoD Blackout, but it’s becoming a bit too frenetic and he finds he actually does like the speed and style of Battlefield
  • Jonny sort of agrees but feels Battlefield 5 isn’t hitting the mark for him, same game different skin. He asks, what do we need to add to a game to make it truly different?
  • Tony had a brief go with Red Dead Online and was VERY surprised at how well it all works on day one… some really nice features and a good introduction to the world.
  • Jonny likes the pace of RDR2 and how it allows you to take your time, explore and do quests without feeling that you’re missing the point of the plot and story.