This episode welcomes our very own Halloween Queen Kat! who has – of course – embraced the day! The team are ALL into Red Dead Redemption 2 so this episode is going to be pretty RDR2 heavy – no apologies it’s a big thing!

  • Kat laments her daughter’s decision to put her future over Karaoke with her mum!
  • It seems no-one like trick-or-treat!
  • Read Dead Redemption 2
    • Producer John thinks he might get bored, but may be expecting too much too soon
    • Tony LOVES just wandering through the scenery and watching the world go be
    • Simon and Kat! are enjoying the interactions with other people and shopping!
    • EVERYONE thinks the controls are a little too complicated!
  • EVERYONE likes a glitch right?? Here are some which came to mind..