The team are joined by the much-edited Chris Challinger for this episode, which includes some revelations about Destiny 2, anticipation of Red Dead Redemption 2, more love for Spiderman, some couch-coop fun and a healthy dollop of CoD BlOps..

  • Chris tells us how the Forsaken DLC and update has fixed everything which was wrong with Destiny 2 and that’s why he’s quitting it….
  • The team debate working hours, software development and the commitment to a cause
  • Chris waxes lyrical about Spiderman and feels a bit guilty about rushing to finish it before Red Dead comes out
  • Tony (and Simon) enjoyed some couch-coop with friends over the weekend and shared the love
  • Chris and his on-line cohort have completed Overcooked 2 – but is that game really about reaching the end?
  • The Blackout mode in CoD BlackOps 4 get’s a lot of interest and love from the team, it seems it does everything properly!