Even though the rest of the country is locked into frozen spasms due to the inch and a half of snow, the Balls On A Tray team managed to fight through the approaching apocalypse to record a new Episode!
Tony and Simon are joined by Kat! and chat about the snow, weirdness and also Some games! Monument Valley, Uncharted The Lost Legacy, Shadow of the Colossus and more!

  • The snow… OK it snowed we really need to get over it!
  • Tony doesn’t like the movie Avatar!! He’s wrong of course, but that is not unexpected. Producer John expressed a penchant for blue girls with tails…. erm…
  • Simon had a new jumper on and Kat made a Tortoise comment and Tony provided a picture for your enjoyment.
  • Simon has played LOTS of games:-
    • Monument Valley – he thinks it looks great but did really enjoy it. Simon is now convinced he’s NOT a mobile gamer.
    • Steamworld Dig – enjoyable for the first 3 hours of so, but got a bit hard towards the end.
    • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – Really, really liked it, well written and acted characters with a great environment
    • Infamous Second Son – Good but perhaps not ageing too well.
    • Into The Breach – A follow up to FTL with added temporal breaches! you can save only 1 pilot when you fail… interesting!
  • Kat! has been falling down a rabbit hole with VRChat – could this be the birth of the OASIS?
  • ┬áKat! has also been back in time and playing Team Fortress 2 – apparently it’s striking how similar the characterisation is with Overwatch!
  • Producer John shares his thoughts on Shadow of the Colossus, Tony is not happy.
  • Producer John also got a copy of Hellblade and is really enjoying what he’s played so far!