Our Terrible Trio return to dribble more nonsense into your earholes. The one – and only – Chris Challinger joins in with the chat and this episode is pretty much Switch focussed with Chris and Tony having purchased one over the last could of weeks.

  • Tony is becoming more and more babyfied, the event is becoming more imminent and supplies are arriving
  • Producer John bought a 3D printer, h’s printing things in 3D now!
  • Chris got a Switch and loves it, but everything seems expensive in terms of accessories. IS the Pro Controller really worth £60?
  • Tony has ALSO bought a Switch and spent his recent anniversary weekend playing on it… no really, he did that!
  • Both Chris and Tony learned things about the Switch Joycons which they didn’t know before..
  • BUT… no wireless headphone option, which everyone thinks is a bit of a technical mis-step.
  • Simon has been playing through Far Cry 4 and is really enjoying the experience.