Yes, the calendar has turned and despite the odds being against them, the team are back! Tony is tired, Simon is lonely Producer John recently died but still soldiers on but special guest Shaun Davis brings a ray of sunshine, and represents a shining beacon of hope to the proceedings!

  • Shaun prefers his chocolate with milk in it, Tony has been trained to enjoy the dark.. the conversation takes various turns from there….
  • Simon called Nintendo, it’s a twisted story, but there’s a lesson to been learned in his tale of woe!
  • Tony is considering a Switch purchase, but needs a little bit of tasing into it.. is Rocket League enough??
  • More chocolate… seriously they’re obsessed this episode!!
  • Tony started playing CoD: Infinite Warfare (he bought it cheap) and kinda likes it, even if he gets a little confused sometimes!
  • Tony also completed Horizon Zero Dawn – The Frozen Wilds. Just more lovely stuff…
  • Everyone (almost) is looking forward to Shadow Of The Colossus, which is less a remaster and more of a complete re-write!
  • FIFA 18 Team Of The Year (TOTY) has touched down and Shaun and Simon are ALL OVER THIS!