Even though the technology let him down, nothing… NOTHING could stop Tony from showing up and making mouth noises again! Simon returns to add some interesting culinary tips and Victor Info joins us once again to share more tales of his ‘little fella’! Also, Mario Odyssey, Shadow of War and Assassins Creed: Origins get a shout out!

In this episode:

  • Vic shares his experiences as a German kid in North London (No really, he are up in Germany and didn’t speak English!!)
  • Simon opines on Mario Odyssey on the Switch – It’s really good but not life changing apparently.
  • Victor get’s the horn… a lot and tells us about LOTR: Shadow of War Which Tony is also enjoying a lot!
  • After universally slamming the Assassins Creed franchise in the last podcast, it seems the new one is actually quite good… oh well!
  • Loot boxes / supply crates and other pay-for add-ins. Are they something we need or want in games?