It started out like any normal (?) episode and then the bomb dropped… Join Tony, Simon and special guest Kat! share the excitement and  jollity and chat about children, Stardew Valley, FIFA 18, Absolute Drift: Zen Edition and other stuff too!

  • Tests and samples.. it’s real life and we can’t avoid it!
  •  We had a question! From Gary Rowe “Discussion point: which game series have overstayed their welcome?For me it’s Kingdom Hearts. I loved 1 & 2 but the series has spread so far across so many platforms with such a complicated story I’m left with no interest for the upcoming game whatsoever.”
    The answers from the team were interesting and followed a definite theme!
  • Kat! returned to Stardew Valley and found more depth than she had initially realised. Lots of Mayonnaise though!
  • Tony and Producer John have been enjoying Absolute Drift: Zen Edition and enjoyed the technical elements and also the simplicity of the game world.
  • Simon got the demo of GT Sport and was less than impressed with the overall  look and feel of the environment.
  • Simon also spect some time inside the world of FIFA18 and felt the gameplay reflected team choice very well indeed!
  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare got a good play through some Simon too. He reckons the campaign story is one of the best he’s played with great characters, great back stories and solid mission / side-mission scenarios!
  • Kat! did a good thing and raised a bunch of money for SpecialEffect charity (details here) with a marathon session of Elder Scrolls Online with her guild, the SnowBorn.