Oh yes… it’s happening again!

Season 3 is here, The Madness Returns and Tony, Simon and Producer John are here with a brand new serving of games related nonsense alongside the usual babble and chat about Enchanted Foxes, food and iPhone calamities.

For our first episode, Chis Challinger takes his place in the hot seat and prepares himself for a significant about of abuse and rubbish!

This time…

  • Summer Madness – what did the boys get up to? Karting, iPhone damages, BAD guacamole and Ninja cats
  • Chris had a disappointing summer, Micro Machines didn’t deliver any opportunity to play alongside your mates…
  • … Just Cause 3 was a bag o’ crap when it came to frame rates which ruined his enjoyment of blowing things up…
  • … the Destiny 2 beta seems to deliver a bunch of broken rubbish which wasn’t actually a beta but an early tech demo, but he’ll still be buying the full game
  • Tony found that the game dynamic in GTAV Online has changed as there’s now SO MUCH TO DO! People as so busy doing stuff, they don’t just randomly shoot you in the head now – there is still a knob-head quotient though!
  • Tony just started play Uncharted: The Lost Legacy it’s apparently very like Uncharted 4… yeah we didn’t understand why this was a problem either!
  • Simon run into an unusual problem with his finalisation of Horizon: Zero Dawn, there was too much gameplay!
  • Producer John still loves it though and cannot wait for the Frozen Wilds DLC
  • Tony played DOOM! )he got it as a birthday present if you remember) and actually enjoyed it when he got stuck in
  • Producer John enjoyed Mafia 3 throughout even though it’s not the best game ever made. There are glitches and wobbles and lots of ‘fetch quests’ but the story and the attitudes, the narrative and the conversations are actually very, very good.
  • Tony went mobile! He’s been play C.A.T.S. on iOS and it’s drawn him in to the whole scene!