Is spite of popular demand we bring you another Balls-On-A-Tray podcast! Chief amongst the gaming elements of the presentation this time out are Destiny 2, Hitman, Prey and Producer John brings his final thoughts on Mass Effect: Andromeda. Guest this episode is Shaun Davis (he makes movies!!)

  • Simon shares his life including shopping, cooking and eating – no, really he does!
  • Tony shares his recent 5-star hotel visit experience…. (what the HELL is going on!)
  • Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Alien Covenant are discussed after Simon spent money to see them both.
  • Tony invokes “Button Moon”…
  • FINALLY on to games and Shaun shares his notes (nerd) on the Destiny 2 launch and is very impressed with what was promised with improved missions with NPCs, a better combat experience and the removal of the tedious loading sequences via the Orbit station.
  • Shaun is also VERY disappointed with Square Enix’ decision to sell off IO Interactive while retaining the Hitman title. What’s the value of IOI without that title… what’s the future of Hitman without the IOI team behind the game development?
  • Simon reckons that IOI can create an assassination game which has a character WITH PERSONALITY and Tony added his usual insights into possible titles “Hatman” and “Shitman” were both mentioned… dear god.
  • Tony has started with Prey and is really getting into it, he’s promising a full update in the next episode.
  • Producer John has finished Mass Effect: Andromeda and was ultimately less than impressed with the finale. He also shared his thoughts that this did not need to be a “Mass Effect” game and would possibly have been better positioned as a new, standalone title.