All of the team here at the Balls On A Tray production office hope that you had a fabby Christmas break, ate just enough to feel that you’d had just too much and got at least some of the presents you actually wanted!

Tony and Simon are back for 2017 with Producer John at the helm and are joined for the first show of the year by Chris Challinger who simply can’t help but talking about Destiny.

The hot topics this time:-

  • Christmas favourite things – can Roast Potatoes actually count?
  • Vegetables, visits and adopted animals (yes, it’s the usual gaming chat here!!)
  • Tony got a nice new hat

    Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 20.25.28

    Tony’s secret eyes are finally revealed!

  • Simon shares his early fantasies about being Unicron
  • John and Simon have a shared moment over Corgetti Spaghetti
  • Uncharted revisited – Chris has played through the Uncharted series and enjoyed every episode. He also questions the real-world value of console exclusives.
  • Horde Mode – It’s made a return, but Simon isn’t a fan of ‘tower defence’ mechanic preferring the old school ‘wave upon wave of terror and carnage’ mode!
  • The Last Guardian – Tony has completed the game and LOVES it, it’s a grower apparently so it might be worth grabbing a copy.
  • Stray Cats – John provides a little insight into his home life and introduces Mr. Mustachio for whom building skills were exhibited!

    Mr. Mustachio in his house

    Mr. Mustachio in his house

  • Watch Dogs 2 – Simon has dived into the sequel and is finding it more fun perhaps than the original. Tony agrees that the first game was a little ‘earnest’ and the second has probably learned from this?
  • DOOM – Simon has now finished this and has unlocked everything. Still enjoyed it even coming back after a long gap.
  • HDR – John discovers HDMI cable specs DO matter.
  • Firewatch – Tony has come to this one later than most, but loves the ambience, the story, the look and the fact he engaged with the characters.
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda – John expresses his excitement at the upcoming release and is doing every initiative update and is looking forward to getting his ‘special helmet’ as a result!

Tony got a little Lego toy for Christmas.