There has been a significant disturbance in the ether.. the mists part and from out of the darkness Tony returns!
The team is back together and Tony and Simon are joined by friend of the show Jonny Cox.

  • Tony’s American Adventures
  • SHOOT! – Jonny has bought himself a MAHOOSIVE oil of shooters and heaps the love onto TitanFall 2
  • Uncharted 4 – Everyone is in love with Uncharted 4 even with the special “Ludonarrative Dissonance” trophy coming to the fore after Tony hit 1000 kills! A happy ending, but where do Naughty Dog go now?
  • Games vs┬áMovies – Does the longer format of a game provide a better basis for character and story? Massive budgets deliver a visually strong movie, but 1-2 hrs means story and character is sometimes sacrificed for action… discuss!
  • Longevity – Has the season pass provided a better platform for both revenue generation AND player retention?
  • Going Pro – Tony has got himself a PS4 Pro and a 4K HDR TV too. Apparently is a “Wow!” result and he feels that the big difference is the HDR rather than the 4K resolution.
  • At Last – The Last Guardian is about to be released! will it live up to the – very – extended hype?