OK, so we now know that it’s called the PS4 Pro, but that would’ve just sounded crap as the title of the first episode of Season Two of the Balls On A Tray podcast… You’re welcome!

So! Tony and Simon are back and were all delighted to have Kat! (remember the exclamation point IS important!) back with us to talk about the things we know you all did last summer! We recorded this at the same time as Sony were announcing the PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro

  • Movies – Simon very much enjoys Matt Damon, Tony has been to ALL of the locations featured in the new Jason Bourne movie.
  • PS4 – Much PS4 discussion ensued following the breaking news which cam in during the show
  • Apple – Amongst all of the other stuff, Super Mario Run was announced – you can play it one-handed apparently!
  • Mass Effect Monopoly – Producer John has obtained this epic item and Simon reckons that there may be a market for another version. Philosophy.. oh yes, it could happen!