Tony Chandler (@nychandler), Simon Allen (@mrcuddleswick) and Producer John (@silesti) welcome a guest from the colonies! (can we say that??) OK He’s from the New World! (no I think that’s not right either) He’s an American.. Welcome Anthony – he has a hero name – Tiberico!

Conversations focus on:

Enormous Mythical Beasts – Simon is sharing his room with Cthulu


Cities shaped like genitalia  – Albany was simply the start.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 20.24.56

Minecraft – Tony built an aircraft carrier… yep it’s a thing. He also got Anthony hooked on it…. Oh well!


Dangerous Golf – Anthony like this, it’s got the right balance of leisurely sports and destruction!

Dark Souls 2 – Simon revisited this and got angry. He’s got a thing about frame-rates in games and this one is a bit crap, apparently. So he played..

XCOM on PS Vita – … where he found the controls limited and the view somewhat challenging. Worth £8 though as it looks like it’s the full game, but it does make the hardware look a little old.

GTA V Online update – Further Adventures in Finance and Felony – Tony and Anthony both dropped back in to give this update a go. It seems like there’s just too much money in the game to me!

Prey… or something else  Tony confuses Prey with The Darkness… neither of which you played a character called Anthony.

Horizon Zero Dawn – OK this one is WAY away from release, but just watching the trailer had Producer John looking at buying a PS4, that then led too

Console Hardware – what’s to come and is it the right thing.