There’s something strange going on… A change in the air, a disturbance in the force.. On no wait, Tony’s on holiday!

Producer John (@silesti) leads the charge this time out with Simon Allen (@mrcuddleswick) as ever providing a steady right hand (what??). They are joined for this session of randomness by Mr Shaun Davis, he’s very nice and we like him!

Conversations focus on:

GTA: Online – Shaun is pimping his lowrider and Simon is ruining other peoples achievements. Not on purpose you understand, it’s a natural gift!

Game of Thrones (and other episodic games) – Although GoF isn’t the best example of the type, both Simon and Shaun agree that this IS a decent way to get your gaming done. But will Hitman deliver on it’s promises (if it ever arrives!) and will Shaun’s pre-order be delivered?!

Tomb Raider – John played through the Definitive edition and is REALLY looking forward to Rise of the Tomb Raider (it’s pre-ordered with the special Remnant Resistance pack – which is nice). Shaun will need to wait for a while of course but well, there you go, there has to be some good reason to have an Xbox One!

A stack of new games coming out soon! Which I’m sure we’ll cover in future episodes… but is getting another console worth it for the new titles?

GTA: Online - LowRiders

Rise of the Tomb Raider