In this episode Tony and Simon are joined by Jonny Cox and talk about manliness, addiction to the Witcher 3, Spiderman and how age is defining the types of games we enjoy. Deep huh!

  • Simon has a beard – Jonny likes it!
  • Jonny went to Lithuania on a stag-do, it didn’t end well…..
  • Sony have opened up Fortnite to cross-play, we all wonder whether this is actually important at all….
  • Jonny and Tony have been swinging through Spiderman and LOVE the experience!
  • Simon is so enmeshed into the Witcher 3 that he can’t commit to Red Dead Redemption 2 – open world fatigue is setting in!
  • Producer John talks about getting old (yes… again!) and how that’s influenced the types of games no now chooses to play
  • Jonny buys an old game!
  • Hero vinyl!

    Producer John’s 3D Tallneck – work in progress