Tony and Simon welcome Shaun Davis back to the show. Shaun has been talking to people at Guerrilla Games about getting a Job there! The team of course want a trip out there to see the full size Watcher that they have in the office!

  • Tony celebrated being older, Producer John chose a Memorial service to attend instead.. Simon didn’t know if was on!
  • One of Tony’s gifts was a driving experience at Silverstone so he’s thinking about getting Project Cars so he can practice lapping around the Stowe circuit.
  • ┬áProducer John is chassis deep in Spintires Mudrunner and has found it incredibly addictive. Tony and Simon agreed, the key being the many small victories your have in simply getting from point A to point B.
  • Tony is VERY happy that Overcooked 2 has been announced and that it’s online multiplayer too!
  • Simon noted that there are 2 Samurai games on the horizon and is curious about the coincidence
  • Forza Horizon 4 looks good too and Simon is even thinking about getting it!
  • Everyone is disappointed about the first-person view in Cyberpunk 2077 but there’s a BOATLOAD of good stuff at E3 this year..
  • Kojima’s new game Death Stranding got a look in too, with a lot of discussion about the story, the effects, the design concepts and the fundamentals behind the game itself