The team are back bringing more disjointed, pseudo-games related chat. This episode they’re joined by FIRST CHOICE and NOT AT ALL EMERGENCY guest Mark “The Rook” Rooney.

  • Tony falls out of love with his printer
  • Mark played Detroit Become Human and he LOVES it! HE reckons the the constrained view you have when moving around enables more detail to be piled into the scene and that the decisions you make are pretty fundamental but not too deep so when you need to make a quick choice it feels much more genuine and personal as a choice.
  • Tony played On Rush and although everyone else he played with hated it, he quite enjoyed it although he’s not sure that it stands up (so far) as a full priced game and more a cheaper party title. Mark reckons it’s full of holes and rubbish!
  • Simon has been playing Picross on the switch and he reckons it’s a pretty good Picross game.
  • He’s also been enjoying the new DLC for Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the switch, which (amongst other things) has a map feature which shows the route you’ve taken across the landscape over the last 100 hours and is nice to see which bits you’ve missed!
  • ALSO Spintyres Mudrunner – Tony reckons it’s just boring crap but Simon thinks it’s great! Producer John expressed an interest and said he’s going to download it and give it a go.
  • Producer John finished God of War… and then found out that he apparently didn’t.
  • Simon questions the validity of the across-the-board