Ahoy there! It’s a joy to bring you the delights of Tony, Simon and their special guest this week Jonny Cox! There is the obligatory baby update of course as Tony has ‘become dad’ but we do spend a bit of time talking about Jonny’s passion for collecting ALL of the games he’s ever played, God of War and the future of our consoles.

  • Tony shares his life living in a dairy…
  • The Musketeers get a look in as Tony is sporting a rather natty moustache / beard combo.
  • Jonny shares all of the things he’s learned since he turned 30 years old.
  • Simon had a hangover and probably deserved it
  • Jonny is collecting his gaming life and realises what a challenge he’s taken on!
  • Everyone is playing God of War and have an opinion on it – mostly good but interestingly diverse
  • Jonny reckons we’re due a new Console generation next year – oh boy was THAT a conversation starter!