So, Tony had a baby (well not exactly, but you know what we mean) so there was a little delay in getting this episode in the bag. Hopefully it’s worth the wait!

Tony and Simon welcome super-special guest Kat! to the show once again and, in amongst all of the baby / birth / parenthood waffle, they manage to get some gaming chat in too!

  • Tony shares his birthing experience
  • Simon shares his allergy and concert experience
  • Kat! shares her motherhood experience
  • Producer John shares…. well his general views on life, so no change there!
  • Kat provides an insight into 4-player shared gaming and warns of 17 minute loading times in Portal Nights
  • Would YOU play video games with your kids?
  • PLUS God Of War – Simon and Producer John give us the low-down so far on this super-title.