There’s no Simon this week… I know, we found it difficult too! However Producer John stepped forward to co-host with Tony and they welcomed Victor Anfu back to the show. There’s a bit of tension as there’s a baby due immediately, although we do think it’d be great content!

In lieu of live birth on the Podcast we have instead:

  • What would YOU do for 2 Creme Eggs and a Curly Wurly?
  • Tony found out what “La Cucaracha” meant and his mind was blown!
  • Victor shared some of his (well his wife’s) birth experiences
  • “Like liquorice toothpaste”… I’ll leave it there!
  • Vic laments the lack of decent game releases for the Xbox ONE over the last few months.
  • He also feels that Assassins Creed: Origins doesn’t really bring anything new.
  • Tony however LOVES Farcry 5 and so does Vic! IT looks great, has kept some of the nutty stuff and has a story which carries you through
  • In addition there are some side quests and loot stashes which are mini adventures in themselves. Great writing the team think!
  • Tony also keeps finding new weapons and variants, he especially likes the cluster rocket ammo he can use in his RPG7!
  • Stunt challenges are fun too – unless you’re Vic who seems to have spacial control issues…
  • All of the Team can’t really understand what’s going on with Crackdown or even what the point is now. It seems that the things which made Crackdown great have all been done and done better by other titles since.