It seems that we only have a little time to recover and then it’s back… and on the Valentines day edition it seems we’re fascinated – to the point of obsession – with snacks at the moment, but we also find time to talk about CoD WWII, Shadow of the Colossus, Hellblade, Assassins Creed: Origins along with a little bit of Mario and Uncharted thrown in for good measure.. special guest this episode is Jonny Cox!

  • Simon’s Crisp Top Ten (or 11…)
  • We wonder – What IS in the middle of a Lion Bar?
  • Jonny has finished CoD WWII and reckons that he stay was OK but the multiplayer elements were GOOD!
  • Jonny also provided an insight into a game the rest of the team haven’t played – Hellblade. He reckons that, although a little disturbing it’s a really good story-driven game with a different feel to the norm as the main character fights her inner demons as well as the environment. And different is good!
  • Tony brought us up to date with his feelings on Shadow of the Colossus and has convinced Producer John to give it a go – despite historic reticence! Tony says it’s great to look at, great to play and builds on all of the good memories he’s got of the previous incarnations – and he’s played them all. He also recommends running in “Resolution Mode” on the PS4 Pro.