There are many things which could have kicked things off on this episode… this time is happened to be tomatoes and garlic-tasting chocolate cookies! In other news, Jonny Cox joined Tony and Simon and they chat about “Man-stuff”, Uncharted, Destiny 2 Xcom-2 and a whole raft of other guff too!

  • Jonny moved house a while ago and has been all MANLY in his new place. Tony also shared some, albeit limited, household advice.
  • Jonny also played through Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and heaped praise upon it! So much so, that he’s going back to play Uncharted 4 on his new Playstation Pro
  • ALSO on Jonny’s list was… Destiny 2. ?Yep, pretty much the same as everyone else in the world except Producer John. He like is and is now ‘Raid Ready’!
  • Tony is also VERY impressed with the graphics in Destiny 2, in particular the reflections of real-time object like other players. Tony doesn’t feel as drawn into the game as he expected to be and feels he may be pre-bored??
  • Simon has completed XCOM-2 and although he loved playing it, there are a lot of issues with load times (up to 4 minutes??) and hard-crashing.
  • Simon is also considering buying / building a gaming PC… everyone has their say on this of course!