In this episode our heroes battle the perils of wheat, burger sauce and the ghosts of Brighton! Joining Tony and Simon in their quest is super-special guest Kat! who, as ever, brings her own brand of logic to proceedings and is mid-crisis as her daughters are now both at secondary school…. Tony reckons this is the time she can now kick back and let them start to do the heavy lifting…

This episode…

  • Tony and Simon spent time together in person with some other people too – they played games and someone lost….
  • Kat shares her tales of the ghost walk – a bricked up nun and eye hooks were key to the event apparently
  • Simon has been diving into BloodBorne and thinks it’s actually better than the Dark Souls games.. controversial?
  • X-COM 2 also get a big thumbs up. It’s got a hefty price tag, but Simon reckons it’s well worth it and apparently the PS Vita remote play works really well too – perhaps they’ve finally fixed things?
  • Kat went back to Elder Scrolls thanks to the Thieves Guild DLC and learned the art of the min/max and where stripper rock (not Fraggle Rock) is! No really, they actually strip off and dance! Hello to Timmy!
  • Tony and Producer John have both played through Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and soundly recommend it! In terms of a short snappy story with no fluff or peripheral nonsense it delivers on all counts!
  • Destiny 2 dropped on the day of recording and Tony has put a couple of hours in.. Looks good so far and is better than the first one!