OH MY GOD! It’s episode 20 of Season 2 and that means <drum roll followed by fanfare> it’s the last episode of the season!

Because of this momentous occasion we decided to do something different and we all got together in the same room to record our grand finale (for now). The result was a MONUMENTAL chat about all sorts of stuff, including a healthy slug of very game-related talk too. We did think about cutting this huge slab of audio into pieces (and throwing them into several ditches so no-one would know!) but instead we through, ‘you know what, the┬álistener can handle it, lets just dump the full load!

So here it is, Tony, Simon, Producer John and Jonny Cox talking about New York, birthdays, Hot Wheels DLC, and EA’s announcements from E3. Please enjoy.

  • Simon visited New York and made it back alive – although minus a pair of sunglasses
  • Tony had a big birthday barbeque (he’s 39!!), he got gifts including solar squirrels with glowing nuts and – in a call-back to an earlier podcast – a bottle of Matey! (Why DOES he have a plaster on his arm???)
  • Jonny has moved house and is currently wondering how it’s possible to spend so much money on something which needs so much money spent on it!
  • Werthers Originals.. are they cool or just for ‘old people’??
  • ┬áSimon decides (almost) to buy an Apple TV and Tony tells us his Apple infatuation started with an original iPod
  • FINALLY Tony started taking about Prey and the trophies you can get for completing the game in different ways.
  • Jonny got the Batman: Arkham Knight game for FREE because he spent a bucket load of cash on PSN (Simon missed out of that deal!) and very much likes the way it delivers story and atmosphere – it’s all about rain apparently
  • Producer John talks about Horizon: Zero Dawn and got depressed because nothing new really measured up… so he got the HotWheels DLC for Forza Horizon 3
  • <aside> Jonny’s father in law knew Arnie (yes that one) back in London….
  • <another aside> Should 20kg of Dairy Milk be a single BIG bar or is many small bars acceptable?
  • Simon enjoyed the delights of a “Barcade” establishment in New York and recommends them to anyone visiting the US of A – Jonny misheard the name.. “BarkAde”
  • The EA E3 conference had just happened when we recorded, so we ran through the high (and low) lights
  • The team talk about what it must take to bring a new IP to life, Horizon: Zero Dawn being the current benchmark here obviously!
  • Click-bait.. we hate it. Especially those “More than 13 pictures you won’t believe…” type.
  • Producer John is hot for the Apple HomeHub and is planning to get one!