Tony and Simon record a little earlier than usual due to Simon going on holiday (!!). Kat! however is here again as our special guest to help keep things on track and to injects a little sanity into the mix again. Discussions this week span Nando’s, Destiny 2, FarCry 5, PREY and pints of wine…. Good luck everybody!

  • Kat remembers her first Nando’s with Simon, who embarrassingly doesn’t!
  • Chris C. wrote in to express his dismay at the mis-information spread regarding Destiny 2 classes in the last episode. To clarify the classes are Losers, UKIP, Guardian, ClownFace, Ranger, Titan, Warlock and Hunter. (Producer’s note – some of these may be incorrect!)
  • FarCry 5 get’s a mention and a 5/5 review from Simon. He’s looking forward to the release next year!
  • Tony has spent a lot of time playing PREY and pretty much likes the game as a whole… apart from the LOOOOONG loading times when transiting between areas.
  • Simon has a Bee. It may actually be more than one, but there was definitely a Bee.
  • LocoRoco also gets a heavy shout out by Tony and there’s a call back to Parapper the Rapper – is he cool?
  • Kat! Is continuing to play Borderlands – even though she’s not keen – with her online crew.
  • Kat is also partial to “You Don’t Know Jack” and “Quiplash”
  • Books get a mention before the team discuss Red Dead Redemption 2 and whether it could erode the market for GTAV?