Just when you’d thought you’d recovered from the last one, there’s another Balls On A Tray Podcast in your life! Tony and Simon return with a bucket load of chatter and are joined by Victor Anfu.

With the two big releases of the last month or so out of the way, the team are back on track (when was that EVER the case) with a selection of current gaming including Rocket League, Sniper Elite 4, Mantis Burn Racing, Lego The Movie and the Lego Hobbit game too PLUS Tony and Simon have both tried PS-VR and were V. impressed!

  • Victor shares stories of fatherhood and Simon reckons that there may be a market for “School Marshals” – or maybe not….
  • Tony got a promotion at work…. I know but he shared so it’s in.
  • Victor bought the Lego games while they were on sale so he and ‘The Little Fella’ can play co-op campaigns
  • He also got Mass Effect: Andromeda and after an initial 3-4 hour hump LOVES it!
  • The team discuss leader boards and ghosts
  • To invert ‘Y’ or not.. that is the question. Simon reckons it’s just wrong, but it turns out he’s in a minority on this episode
  • PS:VR – Tony had a go at a friends house. He started with a healthy set of scepticism but found the experience really very good. Simon also had a go on a PS:VR and flew around a post-apocalyptic Paris as an eagle.
  • Are the games ready for VR and available to justify the cost, or are the developers waiting until more people have them? How long until the experience is simply part of what gaming is about?
  • The Xbox Skorpio technical details were released and this sparked a healthy discussion about where console futures lie…