The boys are back in town! Simon is feeling a little under the weather but soldiers through regardless – because he’s a trouper! Tony is on fine form and will likely offend most of you at some point – it’s not personal, but you know that by now.

The boys are joined by Chris Challinger and he and Producer John are ALL about Mass Effect: Andromeda and it’s a pretty mixed bag

  • Simon has a new home (in a submarine?)
  • Are “Dark Showers” a thing and is there a health and safety issue?
  • Matey… a brave sailor!
  • Mass Effect Andromeda – Chris and Producer John shares their thoughts
    • Dialogue – perhaps not great, actually perhaps poor in some places
    • Combat – Chris isn’t a fan, Producer John is OK because it works for his stye
    • Profiles – Do we need them? Tony observed the outfits in Horizon Zero Dawn also provide this kind of feature…
    • The worlds – beautiful in vista, brilliant in the missions
    • Companion App – Manage Strike Teams via your phone
  • Fl4tout – Tony got it because he like earlier versions… and regretted it!
  • Destiny 2 – Chris is excited about the trailer… and others were too!