After the Horizon: Zero Dawn love-fest that was the last episode, the team have committed to talk about something else this week – Zelda! Tony and Simon and joined by special guest Kat!

  • Cider, Cloudy Lemonade and water keep the crew lubricated
  • “Chris minutes” are well spent on clothes, shopping, therapy and hats
    Would you buy a BOAT-er

    Would you buy a BOAT-er

  • Simon hasn’t played a Zelda game since Ocarina of time but Breath of the Wild made it worth getting a Switch
  • Producer John cast significant aspersions on the ‘shaking’ games and wonders about the value of motion controllers
  • There are lots of things to do in Zelda and Simon likes the fact that you have the opportunity to simply wander. Producer John prefers a more structured approach like Mass Effect or Horizon: Zero Dawn
  • Kat! wondered what Simon had called his horse, turns out he’s got two!