Tony is sick… “How sick is he?” Just listen to some previous podcasts and you’ll see! But seriously, Tony has got a bad case of the sniffles so Producer John has stepped into the presentation breach and makes a valiant attempt to steer the BOAT (see what I did there!) though the perilous conversational passages of games, beverages and other randomness.¬†Joined this time by Victor¬†Anfu, who has a 4-year old son who criticises Victor’s gaming choices!

In this episode:

  • Tea, apples juice and Chinese wisdom
  • Watchdogs 2. Vic is into this one and especially knocking people out with his YoYo… takes all sorts.
  • Collectables. Both Vic and Simon are sort of over gathering all of the ‘stuff’ that developers tend to spread around their games
  • Old Games Remastered. Simon picked up Day Of The Tentacle but isn’t sure… perhaps the market for nostalgia games is more limited to people who actually played the originals?
  • Super Mario Run. We never really discussed it when it came out, Vic thinks it’s great, Simon isn’t that fussed.
  • Reigns. Simon got himself this choice-driven Kingdom simulator and is enjoying balancing his resources – 79p well spent!
  • Uncharted 4. Producer John has finished now having played all four titles back-to-back. He reckons it’s a great story, well presented and barring a couple of plot holes was a well executed romp.