Producer John is back at the helm alongside Simon – they had a bit of a mishap and had to repeat a couple of things but no-one will notice.

The deadly duo are joined by Shaun Davis who was in the final 10 of a major screenwriting competition for Idris Elba!! He’s quite talented!

Discussions involve alcohol, FIFA17, TitanFall 2, Virginia and other stuff!

  • Lost Time – A review of the ‘lost’ 20 minutes
  • Writing Skills – Shaun talks about the competition and pitches his script
  • Phone fun – Simon came back to iPhone – can you LOVE Android, or is it like a story dog that you just feel sorry for and keep hanging around??
  • Forza: Horizon 3 – Producer John is still bowling around the Australian countryside and enjoying every moment
  • FIFA17 – Shaun dived back in because his friend is in the game (no really, the character is modelled on him!) but the game delivered layer upon layer of disappointment it seems!
  • Virginia – Simon introduced us to this new walk-through game, with no dialogue and no shooting. He quite liked it, although the jump cuts were a little jarring!
  • Uncharted 4 – Simon has gone back (Tony WILL be happy!) and is continuing his play-through. Producer John asked if it’s necessary to play ALL of the games to enjoy 4 and simon reckons it’d probably be best.
  • TitanFall 2 – Simon has been having a game-full time and LOVES this one, Shaun didn’t realise that Titans were AI and became a little more interested!
  • Hitman – Everyone thinks Hitman is awesome and Producer John is going to buy it.