With Tony away on Special Assignment in the former United States of America, Producer John steps out from behind the reinforced screen to take a turn front and centre.. well alongside Simon who frankly keeps the ship afloat!

The terrible two are joined by Kat! who brought a ghost story and tales from her time as a chambermaid. Two wins so far! Kat! also brought along some quality programming in the form of Kat’s Questions!

Babble we babbled…

  • Chocolate milk and tankards of rum
  • A report from the front-line – will Tony make it out alive??


    Tony faces a potentially bleak future…

  • Kat got haunted in an old hotel
  • Simon got Guinea-fowl, it’s better than Chicken
  • Dont Starve Together – Kat and some on-line friends have been working hard trying not to die, and have had a lot of fun doing it. Moose/Gooses, Beefalows and Deerclops, TallBirds , Koalephants and Hounds notwithstanding. Kat also shared some info on the Desert Island expansion DLC
  • Hitman – Simon bought this in a bunch of other stuff as digital, because he’s bored with changing disks. He LOVES it’s mixture of planning, stealth, puzzle-solving and action.
  • Battlefield 1 – is more than just the re-skin of Battlefield which Simon thought it was. It’s deeper, bleaker and yet sometimes quite beautiful too!
  • img_1038

    Who ARE these strange figures?

    Forza Horizon 3 – Producer John is enjoying frapping around the Australian countryside in the latest title in the Forza series. As ever it’s great and the ‘build your own festival’ approach adds an additional element which allows for even grater immersion and decision-making. It’s fun too!

  • Kats Questions – based around ‘feelings’
    • Your most disappointing game
    • Saddest moment in a game
    • Game which gave you RAGE

Finally, but never forgotten Simons Game!