Tony and Simon welcome you to a new world. Simon brings wise words from his personal nuclear bunker office and Tony is drinking cloudy lemonade… I know right!

They are joined by Tom Mace, he has a beard and likes VR – a LOT!

In this episode:

  • Ham on the bone – Simon has a shopping mishap, but not as bad as Tony’s may have been..
  • Preparation – Tom brought notes for the recording. Tony and Simon are a little ashamed but Simonboat_doodle-terry did doodle a Terry Christian lookalike
  • PSVR – Tom has got a PSVR and took us through a very detailed review of it’s good bits compared to the Occulus Rift and the Vive.
  • Mafia 3 – Tom (he’s been doing a LOT hasn’t he!) has got stuck in to Mafia 3 and has spent a lot of time collecting Playboys…