Tony and Simon welcome a new victim special guest onto the show. Victor Anfu joins us from Sunny Glasgow (well just outside actually) and is a big Xbox One fan.. which is nice. I guess he can play FPS’s which means he’s got more to do that I have.. not that I’m grumbling you realise!

Anyhow, this weeks chat covered:

  • Batch cooking – Sausages work well in the oven (I know, it’s random but I guess you’re used to that by now)
  • Politics – We try not to, but sometimes it’s just funny, at least for a couple of minutes
  • Rocket League – Simon finally ‘gets it’ and Tony realised how much BETTER it is that the original Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars (The theme tune ROCKED though )
  • The Witness – Simon finished the game and agrees with Tony that it’s one of the best games of the year
  • Bioshock – Victor is playing through them all, Tony and Simon look back and question some of the game mechanics.
  • Deus Ex – Tony realises that there are MANY ways to complete the game, having done a psychopathic replay!
  • Quantum Break – Victor was surprised by the lengthy “TV” shows.