We got here! It’s the last episode in the first season of Balls On A Tray. Our anchor (no rhyming pun intended) Tony Chandler (@nychandler), glamorous co-host Simon Allen (@mrcuddleswick) and producer, erm… Producer John (@silesti) heave a sigh, turn their frowns upside down and welcome Shaun Davis on board to talk about football, volcanoes, 1st world phone issues and perhaps even some gaming stuff too!

  • Questions for BOAT – What socks IS Simon wearing? Which is the best series, Mass Effect or Dark Souls? (Mass Effect OBVS!)
  • Inside – Tony dusted off his Xbox One and really, really enjoyed Inside. We don’t really know what we are inside of, but that kind of doesn’t matter.
  • Helldivers – Shaun is still plugging away, but it now playing a father-figure role to the new wave of players coming online!
  • Pre-orders – On PSN you now have to way WHEN you pre-order.. they’re trying to butter you up with tokens and things, but it’s still forking over a stack of cash for a promise…
  • E3 wish list – Shaun shares his wish list out of the recent E3 announcements, some of which sound good, some maybe not so much..?
  • To buy or not to buy – Producer John is considering a PS4, does he go for current or wait for Neo / 4.5?
  • Sniper Elite 3 – Producer John picked this up but got bored pretty quickly. Tony reckons it’s because he was too careful, apparently if you’re bad at the game it’s more fun (!!).
  • Some end-of-seasons notes…