Sausage juice, Overwatch, Quantum Break and much MUCH more fill up our offering this time as Tony Chandler (@nychandler), Simon Allen (@mrcuddleswick) and Producer John (@silesti) extend a warm and perhaps a little over-friendly welcome to Kat! (We’ve decided that the exclamation mark should be an official part of her name!)

  • Questions for the team – Tony made the mistake of asking Twitter for some questions for the team and things got very out of hand! To prove a point, here’s a link to the difference between… mitosis and meiosis – BBC the rest of the discussion has to be heard to be believed…
  • Overwatch – Kat! has been spending her weekend with the “O’s”… Orange is the new Black and Overwatch. Kat! provides us with a great oversight and both she and Tony reckon this is a great game for the on-line shooting teams out there as there’s a whole bunch of great, well balanced characters to use.
  • DOOM! – Tony got the demo and tried it, because Simon liked it. He thinks it’s crap. No-stop action and duhduhduhduh music is just dull and boring.
  • Niddhog – Simon spent some time in Europe watching some sporting event or other and also spent some time playing Niddhog with his chums
  • Unravel – a little dude climbing on top of everyday things. Simon likes it!
  • Quantum Break – Producer John bought and finished this. A great Sci-Fi story, superbly brought to life, but did it REALLY need the live action? Did it REALLY need the digital versions of the real actors? and did it REALLY need to have such a frustrating and crap final boss battle?
  • E3 – we did a whistle-stop run through of our highlights, games and hardware!