Tony Chandler (@nychandler), Simon Allen (@mrcuddleswick) and Producer John (@silesti) had a guest lined up for this week.. no really honest they did! But that fell through, so once again Producer John stepped out from behind the curtain to lend some words of wisdom (and cutting abuse!) to proceedings!

Conversations focus on:

Radiohead – Not quite sure how we got there, Tony and Simon both saw them live, Producer John is… less than impressed!

Uncharted 4 – Simon is watching his girlfriend play this one and is very impressed with the look of the piece, a reason to buy a Playstation 4? Maybe not quite, but it’s very, very good!

Minecraft – tony finished the game! What, you can actually FINISH Minecraft?? Yes, apparently so!

Max Max – Fun, noise, harpoons, BEAUTIFUL environments, guns, noise, engines, fighting… and it’s got the best photo mode Tony has ever seen! Now discounted and worth every penny.

DOOM – Simon LOVES this. It brings back all of the great stuff that DOOM brought originally, looks great (clever stuff with resolution and frame rates!) and has a map editor which is a world in itself!

The Division – Producer John is nearing the end now, having rinsed pretty much everything out of his solo trek around ruined Manhattan. He did fall through the map at one point which was a bit frustrating but apart from that it’s been good!

Sunset Overdrive – OK, it’s an older one, but Producer John did play it through and it was stupid fun – some say just stupid – but a romp well worth playing!

Mad Max