Tony Chandler (@nychandler), Simon Allen (@mrcuddleswick) and Producer John (@silesti) return with beer in hand to welcome Jonny Cox – who soldiered on despite injury!

Conversations focus on:

Beer, supermarkets and woodland creatures – Erm.. yeah. nothing more to say about that really!

Minecraft – Jonny and Tony share a world and some pretty incredible stats! (Tony has excavated over 63,000 blocks!)

Ratchet and Crank: – Tony was almost lost for words in his enthusiasm for the re-boot of their famous title.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter – Simon finished off Firewatch and was looking forward to Ethan Carter, but so far he’s not too impressed…

Uncharted – Simon is playing through the Uncharted series and was so angry with ‘3’ he made notes!

The NEW Playstation – Who is it for and will games development be compromised in either direction?

The Vanishing of Ethan Cater