Tony Chandler (@nychandler), Simon Allen (@mrcuddleswick) and Producer John (@silesti) are overjoyed to be joined this episode by the lovely Kat. She had a secret but we didn’t get to find out what it was.. doesn’t really help you dear listener, but it’s something to look forward to for next time perhaps. It involved obscenity and a Catholic school…

Conversations focus on:

Lilac or lavender – Simon has a socks issue and Tony wonders about red pants.

Cluedo – Simon just played Cluedo for the first time recently and this spared a discussion about board games in general.

Destiny – Kat returned to Destiny for the recent update (NOT DLC!) but isn’t sure that it’s going to draw her back full time.

Minecraft – Tony has a shared world and Kat is impressed with his erections! Tony’s not sure if the new update has added anything.

Quantum Break – Tony dusted off his Xbox One and played through Quantum Break. He wonders if perhaps the game shares all of it’s toys too soon even thought the story is good and the look and feel delivers very well indeed!

Firewatch – It’s not like Baywatch. Simon spent some time up a tower looking for fires!


Quantum Break

Fire watch