Tony (@nychandler), Simon (@mrcuddleswick) and Producer John (@silesti) are back again to bring you the usual round up of life, the universe and video games. Our good friend Chris Challenger joins us and reveals that when he first played Halo, he didn’t really like it, that was before becoming an addict.. now Destiny!

Conversations focus on:

The Tube – The have trains underground in that there London town and many stories happen down there, including fun with people in lifts!

Open RA – Simon has been both reliving his past and revelling in the present with this community release of Red Alert. Apparently he used to do things all wrong! Missions and Skirmish modes as being built in the new engine and community involvement is what it’s all about

Rocket League vs FIFA – Shall I compare thee to a football game, thou hast more horsepower and more enjoyment! But what’s the skill ceiling?

Hell Divers – Chris has torn himself away from Destiny and has been enjoying some co-op pay in Hell Divers where setting up the right team makes all of the difference!

The Carlton Dance – would you pay for the Carlton Dance emote in Destiny?




Open RA

Hell Divers