When the dust all settles and you’re let blinking in the sunlight, looking over a scorched and desolate ruin that was once your home then.. then and only then will you know that those hours spent in front of your console were worth while!

Tony Chandler (@nychandler) is fresh back from his trip to the upside down bit of our planet, Simon Allen (@mrcuddleswick) is still confused about how sky-hooks work and Producer John (@silesti) is still OK about playing female characters as he games.. the team are joined once again by Kat who has left the house since last time she was on… which is nice.

Conversations focus on:

Rise of the Tomb Raider – Tony think’s he’s maybe done too much Uncharted to fully appreciate the new TR, but says it IS stunning to look at! Producer John agrees…

Fallout 4 – Kat has just about scratched the surface, but find that DogMeat can sometimes just get in the way.

Oh and there was a funny video…

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Fallout 4