You’d think that for our first new podcast, we’re be a bit more organised wouldn’t you! Still, a few technical issues aside, here we are.

Tony Chandler (@nychandler), Simon Allen (@mrcuddleswick) and Producer John (@silesti) are joined for this, the inaugural Balls On A Tray Podcast, by guest Chris Challinger.

Conversations focus on:

Destiny: The Taken King РChris is a Destiny addict and the new expansion is sucking up all of his time. He reckons that this is the game that Destiny should have been at the start!

MGS V: The Phantom Pain – Tony had never played an Metal Gear Solid game before this one, but he LOVES IT! He¬†reckons the prologue is one of the best he’d ever played through, but Simon doesn’t agree – a bit too mental perhaps? The main game however is a little less bat-shit loco and serves up a solid (really?) experience! Chris had some camera issues which somewhat ruined the impact and his capability to look around and shoot stuff!
The guys also seemed to spend a crazy amount of time and effort finding 80s tunes to play out of their support helicopters, and painting their bases pink!!



Destiny: The Taken King

Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain